Voting for AEW Public Choice Awards

  • 5 months ago

At the end of each movie you will be able to determine which category the movie you’ve just watched belongs to !

Pick a category from:
SOIL: Soil awards celebrate an artistic language germinating a substantial nature to form a power of imagination.

WAVE: Wave awards celebrate an artistic language that resonates with the organic power of storytelling, evoking a variety of reflective feelings from laughter to tears, lingering and turning into diverse stories.

CLOUD: Cloud awards celebrate the artistic language of dream-like realms that are soaring beyond boundaries, forming new narratives. Cloud opens up and pushes the limits of conventions through the wonder and enchantment of time and space, inviting us on a magical journey.

EAST-WEST: The East-West awards celebrate art as a universal language that connects diverse perspectives, cultures, and genres. It bridges Soil, Wave, and Cloud, inviting us to explore and appreciate hyphenated cultures, cross-cultural understanding, and the richness of different backgrounds.

What comes with the award?

Your donations will directly support the recognition of outstanding works by Asian-Canadian and Asian artists showcased at KFFC 10 in Montreal.

Choose from four donation categories: Soil, Wave, Cloud, and East-West – symbolizing your connection to nature.

Donations will be accepted until June 3rd, 2023, 12:00 pm EST.

Your contribution will have a significant impact as the total donation amount will be distributed among 15 awardees from feature films, Asian short films, Asian media arts, and emerging artists at KFFC 10, as voted by the Montreal public (festival-goers).

Special thanks to the following people who donated to our festival from our International Symposium events held in February 2023:

Alice Jim
Livia Monnet
Yiou Wang
Jash Villadares
Walter Chi-Yan-Tom
Dominique Caouette
Deanna Wong
President of Montreal Chan Associations of Montreal Chinese Community Chinatown, and Canadian Filmmaker

To donate and for more information, visit

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