GEW Asian Media Arts at Dazibao

  • 5 months ago

#KFFC10 will feature 11 Asian media artworks as part of our GEW (Gallery East-West) screenings at Dazibao, from May 27 to June 3.

Leave me, don’t leave me by Jinyoung Kim
· An elusive figure collects and accumulates a pile of objects at night, that becomes a site of sentimental ritual

Harvesting the Light: The Graves of Diaspora by Soyoung Kim
· In remembrance and re-animating the significance of the burial place of people by synthesizing photos of different sources

Rubbing, Wall & Home Made Home by Kevin Park Jung-Hoo
· Visualizing a conceptual landscape within the two-dimensional screen space by exploring poetic writing, action-painting, and chroma key technology

Omote (面) by Miya Turnbull
· Dance/art film performed by Miya Turnbull and Shion Skye Carter using masks and gestures to explore their mixed Japanese Canadian identity

Isolation Journal by Ho Tam
· Affirmation and reaffirmation are necessary actions in these strange times

20 Minutes and 28 seconds of Sunset by Hua Jin
· Single-shot 4K video of a real time sunset reflecting its light on St Lawrence River – showing changes of the evening light when the sun goes down, and the changes of the movement of water

All Tomorrow’s Ocean by Xuan Ye
· Timeless connection between humanity and the ocean through improvised sounds and AI-generated visuals, highlighting the influence of stock images and algorithms on our perception of the ‘oceanic desire’

The Old, The New and The Other by Sébastien Simon, Cha Minchol, Alaric Hamacher
· A stranger arrives in a town, Mipo, where urban development is accelerating the gentrification of that old fishing village located on the edge of Haeundae beach, in Busan, South Korea

Justement en(raciner) by Jad Orphée Chami, Angelina Guo, kimura byol lemoine
· Our desire to (up)root our relationship to the territory already shaped by our immigrant journeys, and imagine new pathways to justice for indigenous and racialized people

Traveling Soul by Yiou Wang
· A human child constantly exhibits rodent behaviour, echoing the metamorphosis myth and exploring themes of otherness and transmigration of the soul

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