Thank you to our 9th Edition Staff!

(until May 2022)

Zoe Sarkar, Festival Coordinator and Social Media Manager

Yerin Lee, Assistant Coordinator

Vincent Toi, Commissioned Programmer for the film section, Carte Blanche 

Mathilde Elie, Film Programmer (Intern)

Gayeon Song, Film Programmer (Intern)

Ana Lucia Londono Flores, Press Media Coordinator

Fanny Lord-Bourcier, Graphic Designer and Technical Manager

Kenza Chatar, Video and Trailer Coordinator

Seongwoo Jang, Assistant Social Media Manager and YouTube Manager

Jingjing Li, Accountant

Anuj Khosla, Accounting and Legal Issues Consultant

Joon-Sun Lim, Road Manager

Sangmin Lee and John Kim, Website Programmers

Charlotte Dion-Dufourd, Website Graphic Designer

Christina Lee, Emcee


With Contribution From: 

Vincent Toi, Commissioned Programmer for Carte Blanche 

Sangmin Lee, Web Programmer and Consultant for Technical development

John Kim, Consultant for Technical development

June Park, Development Strategist and Advisor

Carolyne Van Der Meer, Communication Consultant

Anuj Khosla, Accounting and Legal Issues Consultant

U-Gyong Choi, Naver Blog Consultant


Advisory Board Committee 2020-2022

Laurence Monnais, Professor and Director of CETASE at the University of Montreal, CANADA 

Dal Yong Jin, Professor at the Simon Fraser University, CANADA

Youngsup Chung, Professor Emeritus of the Université de Montréal, CANADA

Jacques Desbiens, Art Historian and Artist, CANADA

Chancheol Jeong, Professor at the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, KOREA

Soyoung Kim, Film Director and Professor at the Korea National University of Arts, KOREA

Joon-Dong Lee, Producer of Now Film, and Director of Jeonju International Film Festival, KOREA

Kwangwoo Noh, Professor in Film and  Media Studies for the Korea University, KOREA  

Jinhee Choi, Professor at the King’s College, London, UK

Adeena Mey, Managing Editor, Afterall Journal, Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, UK

 Frances Gateward, the Chair of the Dept. Of Communication, Culture, and Media Studies at Howard University

Trevor Mowchun, Film Director and Professor at the Florida University, USA

Khosro Berahmandi, Artistic and Development Director, Acces Asie, CANADA


PEER Board 2020-2022

Jeonghyun Hong, Lecturer at the University of Montreal

Hyelim Juliana Kim,  PUAC advisor/ Director, Business Development at Mitacs

Nam Soo Kwon, Lecturer at the University of Montreal

Mi-Jeong Lee, Artist and Director of KFFC

Zoe Sarkar, Writer


Translation and Proofreading

Mathilde Elie, Seongwoo Jang, Lucia Londono Flores, Fanny Lord-Bourcier, Mi-Jeong Lee, Yerin Lee, Zoe Sarkar, Gayeon Song, Jacques Desbiens.



Sangmin Lee, Website Programmer

Elyeser R., Website Consultant

June Park, Consultant, Development Strategist and Advisor 

Carolyne Van Der Meer, Consultant for Communications



Marie Boti Mentor for Human Rights

Elyeser R. Mentor for Technical Development

Nick Maturo, Mentor for Organizational Resources 

Iris Sautier, Mentor for Printing Art


Thank you to our partners, sponsors, and collaborators:

Canada Council for the Arts, Korean Film Archive (KOFA), Jeonju International Film Festival (JIFF), McCord Museum, Cinéma Public, Casa d’Italia, Centre d’études asiatiques of Université de Montréal (CETASE), FCCCQ, Multi-Monde, CULTURA, Festival Acces Asie, Reel Asian International Film Festival in Toronto, McGill Koreans’ Educational & Cultural Association (MECA), Concordia Canadian Asian Society (CCAS), Korean Newsweek, Hanca Times, M-LINE Distribution, INDIESTORY, Central Park Films, Korean Independent Animation Filmmakers Association (KIAFA), Group Intervention Video (GIV), Asian Art Publication Lab (AAPLab).   


Special thanks to: 

Bernard Bernier, KIM Youngmi, Masoud Raouf, Cheong-Hoon Kim, Iris Sautier, Sal Eigh, kimura byol lemoine, Jungsoon SON, Sosun Suh, Paul Park


Marie Blouin, Juliette Klein, Joon Sun Lim, Paul Park.

Past KFFC staffs: 

Asmaa Asry, Laura Baek, Marie Blouin/ Gong Li, Hyeyoon Cho, U-Gyong Choi,  Soo Yeon Cho, André-Anne Côté, Kathleen Foran, Anne Kim, Florent Larivée, Christina Lee, Nicholas Linh, Valérie Paquet, Arwa Shokair, Antoine Quach.  

Former Boards Committee Members: 

Wonchul Kim, Young Chang

Asian Art Publication Lab (AAPLab):

Mi-Jeong Lee, Bernard Bernier, Shin Dong KIM, Jung Bong CHOI 

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