Spotlight: The Philippines

  • 5 months ago

KFFC 10 will showcase a national cinema, a spotlight on the Philippines, featuring four films that exhibit rich and diverse Philippine stories.

“Spotlight: The Philippines” highlights the brilliance of Philippine cinema, offering an immersive and insightful glimpse into diasporic experiences and Indigenous voices from Asia.

Curated by Alexi Fuentes, programmer at KFFC.

A IS FOR AGUSTIN (2019) by Grace Simbulan
· May 26, McCord Stewart Museum

CLEANERS (2019) by Glenn Barit
· May 27, McCord Stewart Museum

SCARBOROUGH (2021) by Shasha Nakhai, Rich Williamson
· June 2, Cinema du Parc

MANSANAS (2021) by Erin Hembrador, Quan Luong
· May 27 & 31, Dazibao
· June 4, McCord Stewart Museum

Tickets are available at

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